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  DENIS Francis... 
  Agent E.D.F in a thermic power plant.
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  AIZIER John - Philipp

  Painter but also member of the company(society) of the French poets

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   Welcome to Francis DENIS...   

I appear   I appear... 
  As I indicated it higher my name is Francis
DENIS I arose on the 29/04/1947 from French nationality,
I live in Paris region, in the Valley of the Oise in it
My hobbies   My centres of interêt... 
  I like to make journeys, to discover the other landscapes,
the social life and the customs except our borders.
I join some photos of journeys which I have
being made. Egypt in 1988, Canada in 1990, I put
so some photos of my country,  Normandy in 1991,
the beaches of landing, then a journey made there
Norway also in 1991, and finally of my holidays there
Spain in 2000
Some Jean - Philippe's works to be seen or to be read

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My sites   My favorite sites... 
  I often go to see sites relating to all who
Get(touch) the nature, the beautiful landscapes. For the persons
who have same taste than communicate them
name of these sites   http://www.val-doise-tourisme.fr
this site lists the demonstrations of the Valley of the Oise,
another site to discover the ile of France
I am going also to visit picture galleries and one there
private individual where exposes my cousin
:John - Philipp AIZIER. 
for the persons who appreciate the painting, it is enough of
click the name  to discover some of his.